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Acoma Pueblo

Acoma Pueblo

Favorite Resources

PAST intends to provide links to resources that connect us all to the wonders of the natural and historic built environment. Some current favorites appear below. Please contact PAST with your thoughts.

National Stereoscopic Association
Want to learn more about all forms of stereoscopic viewing? Find that elusive Viewmaster reel from the 1939 World’s Fair? Turn to the National Stereoscopic Association, a non-profit organization created in 1970 “to promote the study, collection and use of stereographs, stereo cameras and related materials, provide a forum for collectors and students of stereoscopic history; to promote the practice of stereo photography; to encourage the use of stereoscopy in the fields of visual arts and technology and to foster the appreciation of the stereograph as a visual historical record.” They also put on a great convention, held this year in Boise, Idaho, on July 10-17, 2007. http://www.stereoview.org

Eadweard Muybridge’s Stereoviews
One of the most important photographers and photographic innovators of the late 1800s, Muybridge photographed some of the most compelling images of the West. Subsequently, he turned his roving eye upon the study of animals in motion, the latter work labeling him as one of the fathers of the moving picture. First and foremost, he was an outstanding photographer, as this sampling of images taken from his work for the Central Pacific Railroad attest. Compare his compositions to those of Carleton Watkins, another Master behind the camera. http://www.cprr.org/Museum/Muybridge%20Stereoviews/index.html

Carleton Watkins
The work of Carleton Watkins has fascinated me for ten years. This pioneering photographer chronicled the natural wonders and burgeoning cities of the West for over thirty years of the late 1800s. At a time when photography was an arduous process, Watkins’s artistic mastery and technical skill were truly extraordinary. This website focuses on the breadth of subject manner depicted in Watkins’s stereographs. In a future issue of PAST Perspectives, we offer the stereograph as a viable documentation source for historic buildings. www.carletonwatkins.org

Stereoview Auction
Looking to add to your stereoview collection? John Saddy runs a fabulous auction for all sorts of old views, American and European. His on-line auctions have been a wonderful source for my collection. Browse his pages just to see the breadth of subjects captured by the stereo photographer’s camera.

Ahhh… Amsterdam!!!
I’ve returned from a recent trip to Amsterdam an enchanted person. The city, with its shimmering canals lined with ancient historic buildings, is simply enchanting. A week (or two, or three) spent bicycling the narrow canals, exploring the museums and wandering the bulb fields heals the body, spirit and soul. Explore this website for cultural and tourist information about my favorite city in Europe. http://www.visitamsterdam.nl

Forest Products Laboratory
Is dry rot really dry? What is the species of your original 1910 bungalow breakfront? Explore this site to learn about wood, decipher typical conservation problems a homeowner may encounter, and learn how to treat them. The Forest Products Laboratory is a good initiation into the world of wood conservation. www.fpl.fs.fed.us

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